Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Disturbing news.

I was watching, via my replay tv, Oprah's show from yesterday. I could only tolerate about 20 minutes of it as the show was about the horrors that people were enduring living in the astrodome in New Orleans. I would like to say that I cannot fathom how people could commit the kind of atrocities that some people are perpetrating on others. But, I cannot say that. I can fathom how people can treat other people so intentionally cruel. (I am in the field of psychology and have heard many, many horror stories. Too many for my comfort. I sometimes lie awake at night rumenating on the tragedies my patients have shared with me.)

I am sure that by now you've heard about the gangs that have been trying to take over New Orleans. Did you also know that there are people raping little babies? BABIES?!?!? For God's sake!!! Babies are our future. If we harm them now, we will suffer the consequences of our actions in the future. Look at Hitler and Sadaam Hussein and all those folks raping those babies. They were harmed as young children. And we've had to suffer the consequences of their terror. We must pay attention to how we treat eachother, and to history. History does repeat itself. The clinical term is the compulsion to repeat. We tend to do unto other's what's been done to us. And we identify with the aggressor/perpetrator. We will do to other's weaker, smaller, not as smart as us, what's been perpetrated on us. Unless we pay attention to ourselves and learn about why we do what we do, say what we say, think what we think and feel what we feel. We all have a tendency to be sadistic. It is when we know this about ourselves then we don't have to act on these, our tendencies.

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