Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I read in another blog something I should have already blog is to free associate! YES! I SHOULD HAVE ALREADY KNOWN THIS! So...I will free associate....

I am sitting at my desk in my computer room waiting for my next client to arrive. I see my clients in my "office" and do my paperwork in my "computer room". Thankfully, my office is clean. My computer room, on the other hand , is not. I have papers strewn every which way. I have tried, on numerous occasions, and with help, to get it organized and cleaned up. I go through spurt where I will spend lots of time filing all the papers away, throwing out a ton of junk, but by the end of a week, okay, maybe 2 if I've been good, things are all messy and disorganized again. I don't get it. I say I want a clean room, but I don't keep it that way. A friend was over yesterday and we had a long discussion about it. She says she just takes care of things in the moment. She never leaves until later what she can do right now. Well, isn't that special?!? That does not work for me.

You see, in between sessions with my clients I need time to clear my head and rejuvenate myself. Sometimes I even have to use the lavatory. So, I don't have time in between each session to file my notes, or to even write them. Nor do I have time to file all the other papers that have collected throughout the day, week, month, year etc. Sometimes I just like to play a good challenging game of solitaire. So, my computer room stays a mess.

I did go out and buy some organizing file baskets, a couple of drawer things to store paperclips, junk and etc. Plus a put up a few shelves. The room looks much nicer even since I've had it painted. But its still a mess.

I need help! I need my very own Martha Stewart!

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