Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar? Who's that?

For someone who has not seen a movie in quite a while, which means I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated to win, doesn't it seem strange to you that I would have watched the Oscars? I got the buzz on all the movies that have been released this past year and now know which one's I would like to view. Here's my list:
1. Last King of Scotland--I REALLY like Forest Whitaker (He made a huge impression on me when I saw him in the Crying Game!
2. Elizabeth--I think I would really enjoy this movie, it looks like it would be lovely, and I think I might want to see this one on a big screen.
3. Little Miss Sunshine--I like Alan Arkin, this one I could watch on DVD.
4. Pan's Labyrinth-- although I think I might find this movie a bit anxiety provoking and would need to see it on a big screen.
5. I might want to see Dream Girls, but definitely on DVD.

--No, I have no interest in seeing The Departed, but I probably will watch it once it comes out on DVD.


Elisabeth said...

Like you, and as I wrote on my blog, I have seen only a few of the movies nominated (Little Miss Sunshine and An Inconvenient Truth - I also saw The Devil Wears Prada, for which Meryl Streep was nominated.) I highly recommend Little Miss Sunshine, which I reviewed on my blog, must have been in September or October.

By the way I ADORE your picture with the two kitties. I assume they are yours. Just lovely...

Rosie said...

Boy if you have to have a list that's a good one. As you know I liked the Departed and I normally don't like a movie that has violence in it.

Little Miss Sunshine is great. I haven't seen The Last King of Scotland and I'm a Forest Whitaker fan too, so I'm glad he won. I'll be looking for that.

As for Pan's Labyrinth, I don't think it's for me. My sons want to see it, but I'm not that interested.