Monday, July 20, 2009

Swinging on the Swing!

You should see my baby’s face when she’s sitting on the swing and I’m pushing her. She’s smiling and laughing and then she finally gets in the zone. While she’s swinging she’s singing. Hey, that rhymes. But really, she’s so cute. She loves swinging on the swing. When I stopped the swing to take her off so she could play on the slide she started screaming. I got it, loud and clear. She wanted to keep swinging. So that’s what we did. We swung on the swing.


Rosie said...

"Some more" you'll come to cringe at the words whether it's to swing, to continue the bedtime story or to get another cookie.

Smart Socratics said...

I probably will. But for now, I'd love it if she said "more".