Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another AHHHHHHHHHHH................................

Okay, So I'm now feeling more grounded. I'm finally over my jet lag but now I'm into my desire for clean sweeping everything in my house and I'm not making any headway. Why is that? Can anyone tell me why 1 successful, smart, very reliable, clever, talented woman has such trouble cleaning up the mess she makes. You do understand that when I speak of this "woman" I am speaking of me, myself and I, don't you? And, can you believe that 1 woman can make such a mess? I look around me and I think, now how did that get to look like that? The answer is...cuz I didn't put my toys away, that's how. Toys?!? HA! Try, newspapers, books, remote control for the tv, pens, notepads...numerous ones for jotting down my thoughts and etc, souvenirs from my latest trip that I bought my entire family and list of friends but haven't given to them yet, extra cell phone battery that was recently replaced by the new one cuz the old one didn't hold a charge for very long anymore and etc., etc., etc.

Oh, and another thought.....I would rather clean someone else's house then my own. Go figure.

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