Thursday, February 02, 2006


I love food. Like, really, no kidding. You name it, I'll eat it...just about anything. And, as a consequence, I'm overweight and have high cholesterol. NOT! I just got the results from my latest blood work and my cholesterol is below 200! WAY BELOW!!! For the first time in years. I am so very happy. And, no...don't think I've done this on my own. I tried. I tried the all cardboard diet; basically eating anything that tasted like cardboard but was really high in fiber along with a great amount of exercise. Only, nothing worked. Then I recognized that high cholesterol runs in my family. My mom has it, my older brother has it, and my younger brother and sister's levels are moving on up there. So, I turned to drugs, good diet and continued exercise. That's how I did it.
I am overweight however. And I'm working on it. Perhaps my success at lowering my cholesterol will inspire me to continue to work at losing weight. We shall see.

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Pete said...

I used to not be the slightest bit overweight, and then I got married. I figure I've gained at least a pound a year, and I've got quite a nice little gut going now! I blame her, she is just WAY to good a cook for my own good! Not complaining though! :)

Fortunately, cholesterol OK. (so far!)

Hope you are doing OK Sue! :)