Friday, July 28, 2006

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Per the title:

--Pete's back!!!

--My nephew has moved in to my new (2nd house.) And, he even organized all the boxes that are taking up residence in the living room since the basement is torn apart from the water-proofing ordeal. Now the living room looks liveable. Who knew he'd be such a mench?

--And, I seem to have an attitude shift that's occurred over the past few days. You may recall from reading earlier posts that I'm trying to sell my house. This past december I purchased another house in a different city, closer to my mom and sister. Unfortunately, my mom passed away this past May, but I'm still planning to make the move just as soon as I sell my other house. I've really been struggling with my feelings about this, as I really like my first house and not so much the second. (Yes I put a ton of work into the first, including adding an upstairs master suite.) I've been really feeling conflicted about moving; being faced with the loss of my house that I love so much, and then the more painful loss of my mother. So, I've been struggling and feeling really stressed about the move, money, my work etc., but I've noticed that I'm feeling somewhat more peaceful. I think because I see myself starting my business in the "new" city differently from how I started it in the "old" city. And I see that the differences are paying off. Slowly, but none the less, paying off. That makes me happy.

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Neil said...

I think you should go for the choice that makes you more peaceful and happy.