Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whisker collection.

I wish I had saved all the whiskers my cat's have lost over the years. I bet I'd have quite a few, since I've had cat's since I was a teenager. But anyway, back to the whisker thing...I find them in the most unusual places and I'm always a little intrigued about them. They're (the whiskers) are so stiff and sharp on the one end, while they're so flexible and soft on the other. I know what they're all about since I've paid attention to my cats over the years. In case you don't know what whiskers are all about, you can check out this site:


So, what would I do with all those whiskers? I dunno. Maybe just keep them in a pile someplace, or put them in a jar standing up with the soft side up. That might be kind of cool.

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