Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Do YOU Do It?

Okay, so I've been checking out some other blog sites and I just don't get how you all do it. How are you able to write a new post each and every day? First, when do you find the time and B. where do you get those witty ideas from? Regarding time, I wouldn't be writing this post now if my 4:00 appt had not forgotten our appointment. So, it's 4:20pm, EST, and since I have a no-show I've got 45 minutes to do something else. (Since this is a new patient, I can't charge this person for a missed appointment so I feel it completely appropriate to really do something else!) And, I've chosen this to be that "something else". So, please do tell, where do you find the time, and where do your ideas come from?

Some of the blogs I've read are really wonderful. I've learned quite a bit and have gotten quite a few really good laughs from the reads as well. So, thank you for the entertainment and if you feel like sharing where your ideas are born out of I'd love to read about it!


Rosie said...

You can't be talking about my blog. I wrote about diet supplements today!! : ) I see you are linked to my sister Mary's blog so you know she's funny.

I'm amazed at the talented and funny people hidden out there as well. As for me and my posts they've picked up significantly since I'm not working (since June).

I've learned to go for honest and sincere and not worry about trying to compete with the truly funny folks. I've also had really nice people (like you) who stop by and have been encouraging.

I guess that's what the cyber connection is all about.

Pete said...

That's one of the reasons I kind of gave up on my own blog. Everyone else seemed to be so good at it, and mine was just kind of... well, blah. Every now and then I would have an inspiration to write something I thought was worthwhile - funny or creative, but for the most part, it just became a chore trying to come up with anything interesting. So, I would just post pictures. And then, yes, the time issue. Between work, family, etc. By the time I had time to blog, usually late at night, it was the last thing I felt like doing. Like Rosie, I am amazed at the talent some people have. I don't know how they all do it either! :)