Monday, August 28, 2006

No, I'm Not Eccentric!

Do you have pets? Well, I do. 2 Cat's. I never knew that cat's could be so expensive. It's the cute little one on the bottom that costs me soooooooo much money. You see, when I first got her she was teeny tiny. Actually, she was the runt of the litter and was the cutest! (Remind me never to bring home a runt ever again!) However, she was a very sickly kitty and I didn't know it at the time. That was 2 years ago. She had diarrhea and all sorts of other issues that developed and eventually seemed to disappear on their own. All except the diarrhea. All the tests that were done revealed no major abnormalities except for a tad elevation in her white blood cells. 2 years later and still nothing shows up in the diagnostic tests. She's had numerous rounds of antibiotics all to no avail. The vet I use has repeatedly wondered if my little kitty has food allergies. So, finally she decided that we should try feeding her only prescription allergy food. So I agreed. Little did I know that prescription allergy food is more costly than diamonds. (Well, okay so I'm exagerating a little bit. But just a little!) This stuff costs $43.00 for a 10lb bag of dry food. Let me repeat that: $43.00 for 10lbs! And a case of 24 cans cost $40.00. That's the medium size cans. So, today I spent $83.00 on food for the cats which I hope lasts more than 2 weeks cuz if it doesn't, then I'll be spending more on food for the cats then I do for myself.

This whole experience reminds me of when I was in college. Way back when I was a sophomore in college I had 3 cats that I couldn't afford to take care of. I was spending more on food for them then I was for myself. I am not eccentric! Even though many of you might think I am. Except that you all might be right about this! The vet who was caring for my cats when I was in college said so herself.

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Elisabeth said...

Aarrgghh!!! I adore cats (except Tess-the-evil-cat, whom I feel really guilty close to daily about having rescued her from the Animal Rescue League back in 1994), but I will never ever have another one. It is way too much to handle.