Saturday, August 04, 2007

Frustration abounds!

Here's my list of frustrations:

1. I can't seem to sell my other house. Don't ask me why. I still think its a great house. But, it hasn't sold and its been on the market for over a year. It's not overpriced, well, I suppose it is because no one is buying it. But I can't really give it away now can I?

2. I still have a bunch of boxes to unpack in my new house and I need to throw things away but deciding on what to toss is overwhelming to me for some reason.

3. I have no motivation to prepare for a class I am supposed to teach beginning in September. Uh Oh! I need to start preparing like now!

4. I have a ton of papers to file since I've moved and I have no motivation to file them, let alone organize my home office. sister and brother-in-law bought me a magnet on one of their trips. It says...

"Bitch Sue Bitch
See Sue Bitch"

Sometimes I need to Bitch!!!

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Elisabeth said...

I feel your pain and frustrations. Sometimes, I feel like I can't do anything for myself! I got tons of things done in three days for my daughter's move, but when it comes to getting things done in my own home, I totally stall.

Hope you get some bites on the house really soon!

Rosie said...

You know when you stand in the threshold of a room and just don't know where to start because it's so overwhelming what you have to do? It's enough to make you walk out, close the door and do a Scarlet... "Ah'll think about that tomorrow."

There's something I heard Suze Orman say about throwing stuff away that's really helped me and I use all the time.

If you haven't used it for 13 months, you probably don't need it. It applies to everything. Sometimes it's still hard because the object may have sentimental value or someone special gave it to you, but if you aren't using it, wearing it, displaying it, then give it away so someone else can.

Good luck, because I know when you have projects looming over your head it's draining.