Thursday, October 25, 2007


Okay, I've been keeping a secret. I'm sorry. I just wasn't prepared to let the world in on this bit of news until I was sure about it. And, now I am sure........

I am adopting a baby! I have started my home study process and its going along quite smoothly. I met with my adoption worker once so far and she'll be coming to my house next week. I am really very excited and really terrified at the same time. OMG!

Earlier this year I was working with a fertility specialist in hopes of conceiving. Unfortunately that didn't work. (Even though young women are told to not worry, they've got plenty of time to have a baby and they can have a baby even in their 40's, it really isn't true. Menopause begins when a woman is in her mid 20's. When a woman hits 45 it's next to impossible to have a baby using her own eggs. This is what I've learned after months of trying to conceive using my eggs, donor sperm and utilizing IUI. All those movie stars having babies in their 40's are probably using donor eggs.)

After much thought and lengthy discussions with my sister, family and my best friend I decided that instead of trying to conceive using donor eggs and donor sperm, I would adopt. There are many babies already born and soon to be born, in this country, who are in need of a loving home. And, that I can provide.

So, that's my news for now. I could have a baby next year. Really, OMG!


Rosie said...

Sue! Congratulations. It's a crazy roller coaster this parenting stuff. It all starts the moment you turn that application for adoption in. You've now begun the process of wondering, worrying and planning.

I'm very happy for you. Keep us posted.

Elisabeth said...

This is really fantastic news, and I wish you the best of luck with the adoption process and with the baby once he/she is yours! Yes, do keep us posted!

Neil said...