Friday, April 06, 2007

Amendment to previous post

Okay, my sister told me that in my last post I made it sound like I visit Krispy Kreme often and she wanted me to make sure that everyone knows that that is not the case. I actually only visit KK about once every 6 months. I know they used to give away free donuts because my neighbor told me and then we started visiting KK every 6 months or so. She and I drive by our local KK frequently as it is on the way to our local Meijer store and we enjoy shopping together. We do look to see if the orange light is on which indicates they are making donuts currently and we would tease each other about should we or shouldn't we go get a free donut. But, we only very rarely did. So what happened that prompted to me to write my last post was we were driving by, saw the orange light and she took me up on my tease. Since I was driving I drove us there. And you know the rest of the story.

Now, just because I don't frequent my local KK does not mean that I don't like donuts, or don't have an amazingly powerful sweet tooth. I LOVE SWEETS! (Especially dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. Dr. Oz says 70% or more is better for you but I think any more than 70 is way too bitter for my taste.) I just try really hard to not eat too many sweets and sometimes I don't have as much discipline as I would like to have.

I know I've mentioned in previous posts that I would like to lose some weight. Actually, again following Dr. Oz's advice, I'd like to lose some inches in my waist. I weigh quite a bit, but as I used to lift weights regularly and windsurf I am very muscular and solid. And, we all know that muscle weighs more then fat so my weight is actually greater then what I look like I should weigh. I have really cut down on how much food I eat. I try to exercise, but still struggle to fit that into my daily routine. And sometimes I eat too many sweets. Not just the dark chocolate...because I am very good about limiting my intake of that. But things like dried fruit, cookies, jelly beans, peeps, and etc.. Now, I never ever buy the cookies, jelly beans, peeps and etc.. My best friend, who has 3 little kids, always has junk food. She does not buy it either; the babysitter will bring it over, or my friend's mother brings it, or my friend's husband, who also has a sweet tooth and is not overweight, will buy the sweet stuff and hence, when I am visiting and preparing desserts for the kids, I will snack on it too.


Rosie said...

I didn't think you were frequenting KK all the time. No worries if you were though. I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate but have never checked the 70% thing. Now, of course, since the thought is planted in my head I will be reading labels.

I also know to look for an orange light that they are making doughnuts at the KK. We love doughnuts in this household and rarely buy them because my sons gorge themselves. But good doughnut info is always appreciated.

Elisabeth said...

Interestingly, at the reception after the Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremony at my school, there were tons of miniature pastries. All of my colleagues (and pretty much everyone) was rushing for them. I tasted about five different kinds (there must have been 10), and realized that I really don't like this stuff. In fact, sweets are never on my radar, unless they are right in front of me. I can go months without eating any.

But I need to cut down on:
- Eating too much at dinner time.
- Beer (I don't drink tons of it, but should really not have a beer with dinner during the week.)

And I should focus on:
- Eating three meals a day - most often, I eat only one: Dinner.

I am cleaning up my blogroll, and adding you to it.