Monday, April 16, 2007

Remember that time...

I saw this game over at voix's blog. I decided to steal the idea because I really enjoyed reading the stories left by others. It works like this: in comments, make up the most outrageous fictional story about you and me. The only rule is that it must begin with the words “Remember that time you and I…”

This is what I wrote: Remember that time we walked to your house that day after school when we were 8 and your mom made us chocolate chip cookies and milk to snack on. She sat down at the table with us because we were both crying about the boy who was teasing us by pulling your hair and pinching me on the arm. Your mom told us that when boys tease that means they like you. Remember when we looked at each other and made faces and blew bubbles in our milk because we didn't care about boys liking us. Remember when we were in junior high and that boy was still teasing us? Remember when we were in high school and he was still teasing us? And remember when we were in college and living in the dorm together and that boy was still teasing us? Well, I married that boy!

Post your stories about us in the comments!


Voix said...

Remember that time we were sitting in that schmancy coffee shop next to the university and we were deconstructing string theory over triple shot lattes and when I was in the middle of explaining that one really smart science-y thing that I knew about back then but have since forgotten and you got so sick of me pretending to be smart that you smacked me in the head and then I turned around and saw that the girl making the espresso drinks had just stuck her finger in the milk to see if it was hot enough and then she licked it? That was gross.

Rosie said...

Remember that time we were commuting to college classes before we had our apartment and we were flashing 'IMPEACH NIXON' signs at all the passing motorists and that one older gentleman got so mad and kept speeding up and slowing down to yell at us from his car? The more we laughed at him the angrier he got until we were worried he'd have a heart attack.

We were also scared he'd follow us when we got off the freeway so we decided to stop at the DQ and get ice cream to wait it out. By the time we finished our chocolate dipped cones we were reconsidering our sign flashing.