Thursday, July 12, 2007

Did I say "It's a Done Deal?!?!?!?"

Oh my GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be no, I repeat NO house closing on Monday. The inspection was yesterday and I truly thought everything would be okay. Well, it was not. There were 2 things the inspector found that blew me away. Almost literally.
Plus, my Realtor initially did not know why the people had backed out of the deal. Not until later that is. But, in the meantime, having heard the news that they had backed out, I flipped out.

So, here's what was found. The first is minor. Something that needs addressing, but minor none the less. There is evidence of carpenter ants in the ceiling above my sun room. I was not aware of this, but now that I think about it, I had noticed some dust in the corners of the floor. Not regular dust, but bigger dust. so, this makes sense, and I've already called someone to get out there to take care of it. There. Done.

The second thing is very me. But very major to the "buyers" (she snears.) The inspector found some evidence of water damage. Now, let me explain that my house sits below the soil grade. You have to take a step down to get into it. And, the inspector saw some old water damage that he indicated was not recent, but was concerned about because there could be some structural damage. But what gets me is that no one bothered to check with me about this. And, because I had had the leak fixed almost 15 years ago, I had completely forgot about it and therefore did not put it on the disclosure statement. My bad. So, here's what happened with the leak...prior to my having an office in my house I had to convert one of the bedrooms to my office. That meant I had to have a window removed so a door could be put in. The guys I hired to do the work did a shitty job and as soon as I realized there was a problem, noted because water would come into the house at the doorway when it rained, I had it repaired. And, to take extra precautions to prevent it from happening again, I had a drain system put in. No problems since. Had the "buyers" asked I would have been able to clarify the issue. I am dumbfounded that they would not have asked especially since the inspector said the damage was not recent, but perhaps even before my moving into the house. But, it was during my stay and not for long and is fixed.

I am recovered from my flip out, but am still feeling very incredulous about the whole thing.

My Realtor did put in a call to the "buyers" Realtor to tell him what I did about the problem, but we still don't know for sure if that was the water damage the inspector found, or if there was some other source of damage. And, I have not heard if they are reconsidering or not. I do not have my hopes up.

Oy Vey.


Rosie said...

Oh no!! Keep us posted. Stranger things have happened. They may come back or you can even have the same inspector come back and reconsider. Fingers crossed.

Elisabeth said...

Damn. This post has absolutely convinced me that not being a homeowner puts me in an enviable position. It will be a long time coming before I ever buy a house.

Hope that you find a new buyer soon. The house will eventually sell, I am sure.

Smart Socratics said...

Thanks Rosie and Elisabeth. I, too, am convinced that the house will sell. I just hope it's soon. I am a very frugal person by nature, but this pushed my limits...paying for 2 mortgages. Sheesh.