Friday, July 27, 2007


Okay, so I'm reading blogs, but I'm not writing anything in mine.
So, here's today's thoughts...I went to Ikea today with my sister, her husband and their son. That is one huge store. They have everything. And I mean everything. Its like this big warehouse of stuff. Some of it is junk, but a lot of it is nice and nicely priced. We got there about an hour before they closed, so we only got through 1/100th of the store. I told my sister that I have to go back. I want to really look around when I've got more time and money, and after I've unpacked all my stuff so I can see what I might need for the "new" house.

Speaking of houses, I spoke with my realtor today and she told me that there was a showing last week, which she neglected to tell me about prior to this. I was a little disappointed that I didn't know about the showing, but glad there was one none the less. Unfortunately, there's been no feedback, nor requests for a second showing. Poop!

When will it end????? When will this real estate slump end?

Anyone have any ideas on that? Anyone been to Ikea?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where oh where have I been?

I have been here. In my new digs. Still unpacking. Trying to get settled. Working and trying to figure out what to do with all this extra time I have now that I'm not traveling back and forth between houses that are 90 miles apart. Whew! I did not realize just how much time it took to do that. It isn't just the drive. That's a breeze. It's all the mental preparation that goes into the traveling that takes up all my time and energy. Now, I'm in one place and I'm adjusting.

I'll be back soon...after I've adjusted.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Adjustment Reaction with Mixed Emotional Features

That's my diagnosis these days. I am feeling a wide variety of emotions due to the major changes in my life that I am attempting to adjust to.

I have now been living full time in my house since Monday. (I moved in on the 29th of June, but left almost immediately to go on vacation to Cape May and returned this past Monday. So, I can't count the days between the 5th and the 9th.) I am still not settled. Aside from all the boxes that I still need to unpack, my rhythm is all discombobulated. I am used to traveling back and forth between houses. Half a week here, half a week there and I can't quite seem to feel grounded. I don't remember what it's like to have one toothbrush and one makeup bag. And, to not have to think about what work clothes to pack and hopefully not forget to bring back to the other house.

My emotional state has been quite up and down lately. What with the move, vacation, boxes all over, cat being ill, paying 2 mortgages, believing that my "old" house was sold, being disappointed that it's not sold, not being able to fully utilize my kitchen for cooking because there are too many boxes, can's and pots and pans all over the place with no place to put everything, I've been feeling quite a lot. I've been feeling distressed, sad, angry, happy, joyful, frustrated, disappointed, disgruntled, depressed, envious, worried, fearful, frightened, excited, and the list goes on and on and on.

Another area of tension for me is the traffic load here in metro Detroit as compared to Mid-Michigan. There is a lot more traffic here which means that there are a lot more people driving like tools then in mid-Michigan. And, I tend to take bad driving personal. I work really hard to not react when some asshole cuts me off, but sometimes I say aggressive things out loud. Thankfully, the windows are shut most of the time. I also have to try really hard to not honk my horn, flick my brights on and off or whatever because as my sister points out, that person I just flipped off might have a gun and have less control over their impulses then I do.

On a good note, there are quite a lot more good grocery stores and oodles more good restaurants. I haven't begun to explore the restaurant scene, but rest assured that I will.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


I have a new template for my blog. Do you like it?

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Did I say "It's a Done Deal?!?!?!?"

Oh my GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be no, I repeat NO house closing on Monday. The inspection was yesterday and I truly thought everything would be okay. Well, it was not. There were 2 things the inspector found that blew me away. Almost literally.
Plus, my Realtor initially did not know why the people had backed out of the deal. Not until later that is. But, in the meantime, having heard the news that they had backed out, I flipped out.

So, here's what was found. The first is minor. Something that needs addressing, but minor none the less. There is evidence of carpenter ants in the ceiling above my sun room. I was not aware of this, but now that I think about it, I had noticed some dust in the corners of the floor. Not regular dust, but bigger dust. so, this makes sense, and I've already called someone to get out there to take care of it. There. Done.

The second thing is very me. But very major to the "buyers" (she snears.) The inspector found some evidence of water damage. Now, let me explain that my house sits below the soil grade. You have to take a step down to get into it. And, the inspector saw some old water damage that he indicated was not recent, but was concerned about because there could be some structural damage. But what gets me is that no one bothered to check with me about this. And, because I had had the leak fixed almost 15 years ago, I had completely forgot about it and therefore did not put it on the disclosure statement. My bad. So, here's what happened with the leak...prior to my having an office in my house I had to convert one of the bedrooms to my office. That meant I had to have a window removed so a door could be put in. The guys I hired to do the work did a shitty job and as soon as I realized there was a problem, noted because water would come into the house at the doorway when it rained, I had it repaired. And, to take extra precautions to prevent it from happening again, I had a drain system put in. No problems since. Had the "buyers" asked I would have been able to clarify the issue. I am dumbfounded that they would not have asked especially since the inspector said the damage was not recent, but perhaps even before my moving into the house. But, it was during my stay and not for long and is fixed.

I am recovered from my flip out, but am still feeling very incredulous about the whole thing.

My Realtor did put in a call to the "buyers" Realtor to tell him what I did about the problem, but we still don't know for sure if that was the water damage the inspector found, or if there was some other source of damage. And, I have not heard if they are reconsidering or not. I do not have my hopes up.

Oy Vey.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a done deal!

Well, assuming the inspection goes well, I've sold my house. It's a done deal. Those folks who looked at my place 5 times finally decided to make me an offer. But, it was one I could refuse. They came in really low. I mean, really, really low. I countered just a few thousand under my asking price and told my realtor to let them know I was firm. They accepted. So, if the inspection goes well, closing will be on Monday. They want to move in quickly. So...yea for me!

Plus, I'm all moved. except for some garden plants and my wall speakers. Which I reserved to keep.

Last Thursday I went to visit my friends who have a house at Cape May Point. My realtor called me on Thursday to let me know they accepted my offer. I returned yesterday knowing that the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. Yippee!!!

What a relief. Now I just have to unpack and get settled in my new house.

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