Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cheater cheater

I think I cheated when I "wrote" my post on lemons. I really don't think I wrote it. Well, I wrote the first paragraph, and posted one of my pictures but the rest I didn't write. So, I apologize for misleading you and I will now write about lemons.

I like lemons. {See my picture on left.} I think they are gorgeous! Besides being gorgeous fruit I use them for so many things. I use them to season food. I love lemon garlic chicken. And I make a mean lemon garlic chicken dish. I also use lemons to season my water, to lighten my hair, to tighten my pores, to make my garbage disposal smell nice and to clean the smell of garlic and onions off my hands. Just saying the word lemon conjures up, in my mind, a wonderful smell. The word has also been used to describe a certain type of yellow.

What do you think about lemons?

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Rosie said...

Did something lemon-y happen recently? We love lemons here too. I love putting them in the garbage disposal!