Monday, March 19, 2007

Cruisin in the afternoon

My sister convinced me to take a vacation with her and her husband and son. We are taking a cruise. This is the boat we will be traveling on and the map shows our destination. I've never been, but they have and they love it. I'm not sure I will love it though. My idea of a vacation is one where I get to experience the local culture. I am not a sun goddess. But I do love to read and wouldn't mind spending a week reading for pleasure instead of for work. As I learn more about our trip, I'll fill you in.


Rosie said...

Yippee skippy doo-dah day! Sounds like fun. When do you go?

Smart Socratics said...

Hey Rosie,
We go at the end of April. For a week....You asked about the basement in an earlier post. That's my "new" house that I'll be moving to just as soon as I sell my "old" house.