Monday, January 05, 2009

She laughed!

So, we're lying on our tummies. She's not so happy, but she's not unhappy either. I'm spinning these plastic rings on this plastic bar thing and then I start spinning this ball with teeny little balls in it. Half the ball is clear, the other half has a face painted on it. So I'm spinning it and all of a sudden I hear this laugh. I couldn't believe my ears. So, I spin it again to check out if I heard right. And, she laughed again. So I spin it again...and she laughed again! Only this laugh lasted longer.

I was thrilled.

Then she started to cry.

I wasn't so thrilled.

So I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep.

She was tired.

That was her first laugh of so many more to come. What a joy!

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