Monday, May 07, 2007

Out with the Bad, In with the other Bad

Okay, so now I am fully recovered from my bout with the flu. However I am now stricken with a nasty (and I mean NASTY) sinus infection.

So, instead of writing something lengthy here, cuz I really don't have the energy for it, I decided I'd let you peruse some of my pictures.

This is a picture of my bedroom. What do you think?

And here is my deck. Do you like it?

Now you're looking at my sunroom.

Now, don't these pictures make you think "wow, I really have to have that house for my own."

I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow, since I visited with my Dr. today and got some drugs.


Neil said...

I'm jealous of that spacious bedroom!

Smart Socratics said...

Neil, Spacious it is. Unfortunately I have to leave it since I'm moving. My new "master" bedroom is teeny tiny, shares the "master" bath with the rest of the house and has no fireplace in it. Oy vey. What was I thinking when I decided to give this up?!?