Sunday, May 27, 2007


Do you remember that movie "Pleasantville" with Toby McGuire, Jeff Daniels and et al? Well, its on tv now and I'm watching it and thinking about passion and vitality. I love that movie. It reminded me of me before analysis (aka b.a.). I felt like I was living with my eyes wide shut. My world seemed like it was in black and white, rather then in color. I didn't feel passionate about anything. I was depressed. I had lived most of my life feeling that way, until I got into psychoanalysis. My analyst was this guy in his late 70's. He was the most gentle, kind person I have ever met. Oh, I digress. He helped me to open my eyes and find my passion. Who knew some old geyser would help a 30 something single woman find her soul. I digress again, The thing I liked best about that movie was when color started appearing. When the characters started feeling alive and passionate, then they saw red. And green. You know, red with anger and green with envy. I really was grateful when my colors (passion) started appearing. That feeling of newness and awe and wonder rocks my world. I value that more then day to day feeling. Don't get me wrong, I do truly value feeling my feelings. But there's something about discovery and newness that sends me.

What do you think?

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