Wednesday, August 31, 2005

He's just not that into me!

Charlotte's line in Sex In The City is a good one. She asks Carrie "I'm nice aren't I?" Carrie answers "Yes, you are nice." Charlotte goes on with "I'm nice, I'm pretty, I'm smart, real smart. I'd make a great catch!" Carrie tells her that indeed, she would make a very great catch!

Okay, Okay. I get it. When he didn't get back with me after the two weeks he supposedly was busy and after he supposedly checked his schedule, he's just not that into me. But tell me, please, why he couldn't just step up to the plate, like a big boy, and just tell me that. I mean, really. What is up with guys (and I suppose gals too) who find it difficult to act like a grown up and tell the truth. Kindly, of course, but tell the truth none the less. Why is it really that hard to tell someone that the two of you really don't make a good match. I've done it before. I've even heard it before. After I've heard it, or read it in an e-mail, I will admit, I sometimes felt hurt, but free, none the less. There were no reasons for holding on to fantasies of what I thought could be. Fantasies are killers anyway. I prefer reality anyday to fantasy. Fantasies can be fun, but they just aren't real. There's such a let down after the realization that the fantasy that you've held onto so tightly for so long, just isn't going to come true. Especially if its about something other then winning the lotto when you don't even buy a ticket. I mean, come on, let's face it, we've all fantasized about winning the lotto and what we'd do with all that wonderful green stuff. But, how many have actually purchased a ticket? That kind of fantasy isn't based on the possibilty of reality. I bought a ticket maybe 3 times in my life. But that kind of fantasy I can handle. The one where I KNOW isn't going to come true. I don't fool myself that it is because I am fully aware that I didn't buy a ticket, and if I happen to have purchased one, I know the odds are against me. But the man fantasy, that's another story. Especially when he helps to fuel it. I meet a guy, who seems nice. We hit it off, have great conversations and he kisses me good night. Why wouldn't I think that he's interested, especially when he says "I'll call you" or "Let's get together again". Maybe there's a different language that men use that I just don't know. And what's with the kiss if he's not intending to call? It's not like a deep throat kind of kiss, so why even bother. Who really wants to exchange saliva with someone you're not interested in seeing again. Or worse yet, someone you aren't attracted to.

I'm nice, aren't I?

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