Thursday, August 11, 2005

Inner Workings...........

So today we'll talk about the inner workings. We'll begin with a brief lesson on the unconscious.

Okay, forget the unconscious. Let's talk today about electric kitty litter boxes.
  • Littermaid
  • (Did I hear a groan?) I know, you think its a silly thing to be getting all worked up about. But let me tell you...the electric cat box that I have in my house rates right up there with Replay TV (for those of you who don't know about Replay, it's the same as Tivo, only I think, better!) Let me tell you about electric cat boxes. You never have to scoop again! That's it, plain and simple. NO MORE SCOOPING! You fill the box up to the designated line with litter, put the receptacle tray in its proper place, snap in the lid, plug it in and wha lah! There it goes...raking and scooping the cat mess into the receptacle and the lid keeps it from smelling. You do have to remember to replace the receptacle about once a week and keep the box filled with quality clumping litter.

    What a nice thing.


    Pete said...

    I hate cats! - (sorry)
    (kittens are cool though!) :)

    Pete said...

    Looking forward to the inner workings talk when you get around to it! :)