Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 days, but really only 4.

The countdown says I have 10 days until I move, which sounds like a lot of time to finish packing. But I really have only 4 days since I leave today to go back to the new/other house so I can work and earn some money. I return to the old house on Saturday night which then leaves me Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and 1/2 of Wednesday to pack because I head back to the other house on Wednesday night and don't return again until late Friday night and the movers come on Saturday morning bright and early. So...that's why I have been scarce--trying to get everything packed and trying to move what I can. I'm also trying to stay calm because there's no use in fretting.

I'll be back--so don't forget about me.


Rosie said...

I take it nothing came of the person who came to look at the house again?

I don't envy you the move, but just keep your eyes on the prize and imagining how great it will be to be all in one place. I'll be thinking about you.

Elisabeth said...

I know you can do it!!!! It will probably be somewhat excruciating, but you'll be so happy when it's over. What happened with the house sale?

Smart Socratics said...

Ohhhhh, I've had no offers as of yet. I know that there was someone who looked at it 3 times, and the other day somebody was here for over an hour. So...I hope its soon.

Thanks for asking!