Friday, June 29, 2007

Brief report on the goings on around here.

Well hello everyone,
Tomorrow is the big furniture moving day. Well, my books too as well as the garage stuff, patio furniture and other miscellaneous stuff. I am feeling better about the move now. Especially since a friend of mine came over to the new house last night and together we spent a total of 8 hours (4 per person) getting the kitchen almost all set. Whew! What a job that was.

In the process I was able to put some things away in the closets. The man who finished the basement for me was finally able to put the shelves up in the closets as well as create a closet system for me in my walk-in closet in the basement. As a result, I was able to move some things around and clear out some of the stuff that was all over the house. Things look much better now and as a consequence, I feel much better.

An issue that came up for me, completely unrelated to the move, is my youngest and littlest cat had diarrhea all over the new house while I was back in the old house for 5 days. There were spots of it all over the carpet I had just had cleaned, as well as on the new carpet in the basement. Plus, I saw spots that looked like urine with some blood in it. Add to this, the previous week she had swallowed some dental floss, which I did not know was dental floss until I took the specimen to the vet who identified as such, and not a tape worm. Which is what I thought it was. Needless to say, I've had quite the time with this cat recently including spending hundreds of dollars on vet bills. Hopefully, all is well now. She had no ill effects of the dental floss, and we're checking the urine to see if there's an infection and I surmised that the diarrhea is due to stress as well as not eating the food she normally eats, which is for her severe food allergies. Oy vey!

One more report....those folks who came to look at my house 3 and then 4 times are coming again today for the 5th time. What is up with that? I can only assume they like it, otherwise why look at it 5 times. Now they just need to make me an offer I can't refuse! Otherwise, I'll have to charge them a gawkers fee!


Rosie said...

Umm...yucky about the kitty problems. That's major moving suckage. Glad to hear she's doing better now.

The kitchen and my bedroom are the first places I organize when moving. Gotta have a place for meal prep and a place to sleep. Everything else is easier when you have those two things.

Glad things seem to be settling down. Wow a walk-in closet sounds heavenly. I'd love one of those.

Elisabeth said...

Glad to read that things are moving along. Sorry about the kitty's illness and resulting yucky mess. I certainly hope that, after having seen your old house five times, those folks are finally going to decide to buy it. Yeah, charge them the next time they want to see it again!